Friday, June 3, 2011

Feature Friday:Gift Packs Galore...

Remember how on June 1st we talked about this being a launch party? Well if you didn't then go here and check it out. Today we announce our gifts... but first a reminder of the rules.

  1. Comment on this post here.
  2. Comment on the Feature Friday post today.
  3. Share...Share...Share. Please share this blog on your social media.
  4. On Tuesday June 7,2011 we will announce the list of winners. 
 There will be 3 gift packs. Those that qualify will each be assigned a number and then randomly picked using However, each day between now and Tuesday June 7, 2011 every time our followers rise by 5 another gift pack will be added. Right now between Networked blogs and the Google friend follow we have 19. So every five up from that will create more gifts. So share share share....Now on with the gift packs.

  1. The recipient of the number 1 pack will have their choice of 5 Stone House eBooks. 
  2. The recipient of the number 2 pack will have their choice of 3 Stone House eBooks.
  3. The recipient of the number 3 pack will have their choice of 2 Stone House eBooks.
Now for each addition they will get their choice of 1 Stone House eBook. Now to see the pickings....

PS...If for some reason there is a book from SH that isn't on the slide show it should still be eligible.


    1. Is this the Feature Friday post??

    2. Yes...Maralee. Sorry thanks for pointing that out

    3. Awesome prize packages!!! Stone House author ROCK!!!! Of to spread the word.....

    4. Okay, just reread my post and the typos are crazy. Can you tell I have a headache from h*ll?!?! lol. That was suppose to be "Stone House authors Rock! Off to spread the word.." *sigh* Loving the green much better than the blue!!!

    5. Great prize packs. I'm really excited to see Robin Lee Hatcher with StoneHouse. I'm a big fan of hers! You have a great group of authors!

      Michelle V