Monday, August 29, 2011

Character Monday: Who is Antony?

Bri Clark
SH: Today for Character Monday we welcome the Belle of Boise, Bri Clark. She's a romance author extraordinaire and then some. To date her works include Familial Witch, Glazier, Scent of a Witch (releasing in time for Halloween) Caffe' Seduzione and its sequel,  Mafia Seduzione, releasing with StoneHouse Ink this year. Today, for Character Monday, we hear she's got a bit of an Italian treat for us. So, Bri, who are we meeting today?

BC: Antony Vincent Romano Deluca.

SH: What is it with Italians and huge names; Lordamighty. Anyway, who is Antony?

BC: Well, Antony has a long name because he was adopted and his father wanted to honor the ancestors on all sides. I think that is the same for other Italian families; they are honoring the past. Antony is a man whose first instinct is to do things the right way, but if it gets too challenging he will resort to using his influence, his resources and his name to get what he wants when he wants. He's a true Italian alpha male who resides mainly in Rome. When you ask what he does for a living he says, "investments," and that's really all I can say too. 

SH: Cryptic. Still, if we happened to peek in the windows of his villa on any given night, what might we see?

BC: Currently the Romano family villa is closed up tight. He hasn't been there since the deaths of his birth parents when he was a boy. There are plush vintage antiques, but they are all covered with sheets. But Colleen just might be making a lot of changes there soon enough.

SH: Does Antony have any weaknesses?

BC: Yes, two. Colleen and Ava. It's those weaknesses and his inexperience at dealing with them that causes all sorts of problems for him. They make him vulnerable. 

SH: Which makes us all weak in the knees. At least the feminine side of us, with which we are "in touch". We hear Antony loves a good cuppa joe. What else is he into?

BC: Yes he starts every day with a caffĂ© macchiato. Cigars: he loves a good cigar. Investing, too, is a professional hobby, and he's a natural. Plus he's trained for years at fencing, you know, swordplay. He collects ancient swords and uses them in physical drills as his form of exercise. 

SH: Alright, Bri, come now. Is he really a mafia Don?

BC: Antony is the son of a Mafia Don. Technically he would be the heir of the estate, according to their culture. But after his parents died he left that world and hasn't been back. So who knows?

SH: Who knows indeed. This is dark and fascinating stuff, but brevity is the soul of wit and ours will be in jeopardy if we don't cut you off here. Folks, you can connect with Bri on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Follow her blog, and of course, buy her books. Don't forget Glazier goes on tour in September. It's been a pleasure having you here, Bri, and we mean that. We don't want to wake up to find a horse's head under the covers, so we really mean it. We love you. Really.

BC: <Rolls eyes and makes Italian hand gesture on her way out.>

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