Sunday, February 19, 2012

March 14th! (Book Blog Tours Part 2: Advanced Tips and Tricks)

Book Blog Tours Part 2: Advanced Tips and Tricks
presented by Aaron Patterson and K.C. Neal & special guest blogger, (The Book Brunette, AKA Zombie Queen!)
March 14, 2012 10:00 am to noon (Mountain Time)

Lots of tips for working with book bloggers and running a blog tour that stands out!
• Where to find blogs for your tour
• How to get bloggers to come to YOU for an ARC of your book
• How to make your blog tour stand out from all the others
• More book blogger survey results
• What makes bloggers bump a book to the top of their TBR piles
• How to build great relationships with bloggers
• Helpful tools and widgets for promoting your tour and doing giveaways
• Detailed sample timelines for planning through follow-up
• The 1 thing that will make bloggers drop everything to help you (hint: it has nothing to do with your book)
• The 2 philosophies we use that get bloggers excited to work with us (regardless of whether they love the book we're touring)

*To register click below, the cost is $50 and if you cannot make the class you can get the file and recording after for $45.
Click HERE

**If you missed Part #1 you can purchase the webinar for $45. Email StoneHousePress at Hotmail dot com for more information.

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