Monday, August 22, 2011

Character Monday: A mob boss?

Today Stone House was supposed to interview Antony Deluca the debonair Italian business man from Bri Clark's Caffe' Seduzione and upcoming release Mafia Seduzione. This was an interview I was truly looking forward too. Mr Deluca like myself loves a good scotch and a cigar which was what we were to share over our interview at my favorite club. To my dismay when I arrived there was a note awaiting me and not the elusive Italian.

My apologies for postponing our talk. Unexpected events have occured that require my personal and immediate attention. I will contact you when I can meet again. It would be convient if you could make yourself flexible 
Have a cuban and a scotch on me.


I couldn't help but feel a trickle of sweat bead down my neck and look after I read the note. Then I didn't know what to do with it. Scared I was being watched and didn't want to offend I sat and smoked the cigar. The scotch I downed in one gulp in an attempt to quell my nerves. Why you ask did I respond this way? One of the questions I was to pose, or the rumor is, Antony Deluca is not only connected but the rightful heir of a generations long Italian Mafia Family. His deceased father being the last don.

Stay Tuned Folks...Please...for that interview. I need people to be expecting to hear from me.


  1. Have more scotch. Remember to be nice, be flexible, and stay away from horses.