Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Writer Wednesday: From Blogs to Conferences A Writers Evolution

The Internet is amazing, eBooks are a Godsend, ereaders are a miracle. The publishing world has changed in ways and speeds no one could prophesied. One of those other great aftershocks of the eBook earthquake is learning through blogs. From finding books to read by reputable reviewers, to learning the In's and outs of writing, publishing, and marketing for new authors once again the results are huge.

Nevertheless, there comes a time where one on one learning and networking must be considered. It's the natural evolution of the serious writer desiring to be author. 

In this area local is the best way to go. Libraries, book clubs, writer's groups are wonderful first steps for those that may suffer from a less aggressive social personality. But what if you've done that? What's the next level? Conferences of course!

In Idaho there is the Idaho Book Extravaganza. An annual event that each year only gets better. Workshops from how to write and market a mystery, to how to write a memoir, to finding a distributor to name a few are modestly priced but infinitely priceless offered.Not to mention the connections made with other locals who share your desire to learn and conquer the industry.

October 28-29 2011 The IBE is a ripe plum of knowledge waiting to picked. For a complete list of workshops offered go here.

To register go here. Remember students get a discount.

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