Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I want to let everyone know that the writing contest will be canceled due to lack of interest. This is on us and getting the word out has fallen short as we are all so busy right now. The amount of work involved is intensive and we feel that our talents will sure everyone better in other places.

That being said StoneHouse University is born.

We see that there is a great need for information and training in book marketing as well as writing for authors and writers alike. This takes a lot less time and the need is great.

So, as to the future, we will be holding local SHU classes in Boise on a monthly basis and web based classes as well. They will be free to all SH/SG authors and a low fee for anyone else. (Sorry)

If you have a topic you wish us to cover please leave a comment and we will look into putting it in the rotation. We will also have guest authors, and teachers in the classes so you can learn from the best.

Topics to some:
Blog Tours
Writing to Hook
Facebook Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Writing with the Snowflake Method
How to plot
Amazon, how to work the system
How to Tag
Author Platform
Bookstores and how to set up signings
eBooks 101
Social Media 101
What is Google Plus

And more...

We hope to see you at a SHU class in the near future.


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