Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's a Four Letter Word

Work it's a four letter word. Often times people consider four letter words to be bad. But there are many four letter words that are not so bad like love...yeah that's all I can think of right now. If you have been following the blog you noticed 1. It's not as active as before and 2. That we are working on a project called Stone House University. That's one of the main reasons we have been so silent. We are working on so many projects. Some of the things that new project is going to offer

Blog Tours
Writing to Hook
Facebook Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Writing with the Snowflake Method
How to plot
Amazon, how to work the system
How to Tag
Author Platform
Bookstores and how to set up signings
eBooks 101
Social Media 101
What is Google Plus

But before you can even consider any of those things you have to nail down the four letter word that is needed. WORK.

Our fearless leader Aaron Patterson tells it how it is below. 

I get this vibe a ton from authors and other writers, that somehow by being in the same room as me or maybe by chillin with vincent Zandri the books will fly and the money will come in by the truckload. I think we all have this idea that it is the rub factor, can this person rub off on me, make me do better or by some sort of magic something will happen.

I do not say this with a mean spirit or because I think I have done anything special. in fact I wonder sometimes why and how I ever got anyone to read my books. I don't think I am that great of a writer or that I hold some power that makes me a success. That being said I will tall you one thing. I work hard.

Now I cannot claim to have great talent or to have a super brain, but I am a hard worker. And after talent and smarts give out, the hard worker will always win. We all remember the story of The Tortoise and the Hare. It is a simple story we all know about sticking with it, keep going and never give up. Now I like most never thought that story was more than just a kids story. But it is more.

Think about writing, publishing and selling books. It is not all about talent or style. Not about being the smartest person or having the highest ranking wizards review your book. It is about hard work.

What I lack in brains I make up for with stick-to-it-never-give-up-ness! What I lack in talent I make up for in Market-the-crap-out-of-my-and-others-books-ness!

I know we all want a pill, a magic list of how to make it. We want that simple thing we can all do to become a bestseller and so on. so here it is... the list the magic!

W: Work your A#% off!
O: Open up to new ideas! Don't get stuck in the mud, i.e. eBooks etc...
R: Reach out! Brand yourself and meet people. Share and support other authors.
K: keep going! Never stop. Be smart and market all the time but in a cool easy way.

There you go, the magic to the bestseller line. Want to make it big? This is it, not writing the best book, not being super hot, not paying out money to but your way up, good old hard WORK.


Thanks Aaron. So how about you dear reader are you a hard worker? 

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  1. It takes a lot of work to become lucky.

    In this business, it's really who wants it more and who is willing to bust their ass to get it. There's also a lot of having to move outside your comfort zone to chase after a dream.

    And that takes even MORE work.